Types Of New Builds New homes come in various categories, from ready-to-go options to those where you can choose custom features. You can even build your own custom home from the ground up.

Immediate Delivery Homes: 

Immediate delivery homes, also known as production homes, are either completed or in the final stages. Common in large developments, these homes can be available in 0-30 days, providing move-in readiness at a lower cost with consistent standards. However, customization opportunities are limited.

Quick Delivery Homes: 

Already underway, quick delivery homes allow some upgrades and color choices. While changes to the general layout are restricted, cosmetic upgrades such as appliances, moldings, flooring, cabinets, and fixtures are possible. This option adds a sense of individual style from day one.

To-Be-Built Homes: 

To-be-built homes offer complete customization, allowing you to choose a home site, structural options, and customize selections. Completion timelines range from four to six months, offering the flexibility to personalize aspects like basement dimensions, lot location, and floor plan.

Model Home Investment: 

Investing in a model home provides the opportunity to purchase the display home the builder showcases. While it may require a delay in moving in, it can be a wise investment as the value often increases with community sales. Model homes boast top-of-the-line upgrades but may show slightly more wear and tear.

Custom-Built Homes: 

Custom-built homes grant you control from the beginning, allowing design and construction based on your wants and needs. With personalized floor plans, distinctive details, and custom upgrades, this option offers a unique home tailored to your lifestyle.